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Red Fox


Fox Pest Control

The red fox with its reddish-brown fur, bushy white-tipped tail, and large pointed ears, is a common animal that is highly adaptable to either urban or countryside environments. These resilient creatures are often spotted at night, as they hunt down side streets, cross main roads or raid rubbish bins in their hunt for food.

An adult fox may weigh between 14kg and 22kg. They are red, black and silver in colour in the wild, females produce a litter per year of between 5 and 11 cubs.

Foxes present a real threat to small livestock and pets, they also carry several diseases which include, Toxocariasis, Weils Disease, Sarcoptic Mange, as well as ticks, fleas and worms. Foxes also cause damage to your garden digging up lawns and flower beds and often overturn rubbish bins and keep you awake at night with their chilling screams. If you discover fox excrement in your garden, its important to clean it up as soon as possible to prevent round worm eggs from hatching.

Although foxes were formerly found in rural areas, they have made towns and city' their home, not least because of the amount of food that is thrown away as waste. Foxes are natural scavengers in addition to being aggressive predators.

Fox control from Ace Mole Catching begins with a free survey of your property and your livestock or pets that are in danger from the foxes. Advice is given freely.

Fox proof fencing can be used bearing in mind that a fox is cunning, and very determined when it smells a good source of food.

In some locations a fox catcher can use a suitable Trapping program using large cage traps, or sometimes fox snares can be utilized for removal of the fox. After catching the Fox ensuring that it does not suffer, Fox extraction can then be carried out. 

A Fox cull by an experienced marksman using a modern rifle and where required night vision rifle scope can also provide an effective fox control program.

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