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Where ever you are in Norfolk, there is a chance of stumbling across pest issues within your homes, gardens and agricultural lands. Though animals are mostly cute, they do cause a lot of damage to land and property and that's where we come in to help.

We don't only understand the importance of pest control, we appreciate the frustration and causes of concern - for the animals and for you!

Here at Ace Mole Catching and Pest Control we focus on the prevention just as much as the eradication and removal, because of this all of our methods are environmentally friendly with humane approaches to pest control.

We offer a range of different services from one offs, to annual contracts with a proactive approach to prevention.

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Grey Squirrel

The most effective methods of controlling immediate reduction in numbers of the Grey Squirrel are trapping and shooting. In most circumstances the inquisitive and aggressive Grey Squirrel is first to the bird table for food, this means that a skilled trapper using carefully prepared baited traps can catch  them in large numbers. To prevent the expensive damage in your loft space catching Grey Squirrels is achieved by the effective use of strategically placed traps by a professional Squirrel catcher.

Grey Squirrel

Ants and insects

Insects are renowned for spreading germs and diseases and can cause big problems to homes and businesses. An insect infestation is a serious issue, they can cause damage to buildings, properties and agricultural land. A range of insects calls for a range of methods and each will be assessed individually to ensure the safest and most effective technique is used for long lasting results. There are legislative requirements for products used, so be assured that Ace Mole Catching and Pest Control are qualified and experienced to do do.


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