Moles Pest Control

The Mole Catcher at Ace Mole Catching provides a Mole Control Service throughout Norfolk, and is registered on the Association of British Mole Catchers, the British Mole Catchers Register and the Association of Professional Mole Catchers and is a traditional mole trapper, using approved traps for humanely trapping moles. 100% Catch rate,  No Mole Caught No Fee Money Back Guarantee! And our unique 5 Day Guarantee! Plus our Annual Mole Management Programmes.

It is estimated that there are around 35-50 million moles in the UK. The species that we have in the UK are the Common or European Mole (Talpa europaea). The mole is the only UK mammal to live completely underground.

They are able to do so because they have an increased level of red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body and typically need only 7% oxygen in the air to survive. 

They are exceptional diggers shifting 540 times their own body weight and excavate up to 200 meters of tunnel all in one day!
Moles are around 150 mm in length and weigh between 110-120 gms. The male is slightly larger than the female.  They work in cycles of approximately 4 hours working and then 4 hours sleeping. 
Many people believe they are blind which is not the case as their tiny eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Moles have sensory hairs on their face and bodies that help them navigate the darkness of their tunnels. Moles eat around two thirds of their body weight daily to survive. They excavate new tunnels in their search for food. 
With the need to create tunnels of 200 meters or so in length the damage caused by a single mole continues to be a major concern to those that experience it.
mole tunnel.jpg

Modern Mole Traps

There are many modern variations of the simple mole trap. The scissor trap is probably the most commonly used of all the modern mole traps, it is relatively easy to set and use by a novice trapper. There are several versions of the scissor trap.                                                                                         

With a base in Hemsby near Great Yarmouth, Lingwood near Norwich and Great Ryburgh, near Fakenham, you can be sure that we are your local mole catchers near you. No matter where your mole, in the garden, farmland, paddocks, Golf Course or playing fields, we can catch them.