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Image by Richard Sagredo

Grey Squirrel Control

How to get rid of Grey squirrels in your loft is a question we are often asked, when in your loft, garden or woodland Squirrels can be highly destructive causing expensive and dangerous damage.

Squirrel damage to young trees of almost any species, will usually cause the death of that tree.  The squirrel strips the bark which allows infection to get into the tree.  Damage in lofts can often cost thousands of pounds to repair as squirrels chew through electrical wires, wood work in ceilings, tear up loft insulation and contaminate water tanks with droppings and urine.

Eastern Grey Squirrels are also known as tree squirrels, this is the species that is now found throughout the UK.  They were introduced to this country from the USA  in the 1800's.

Grey Squirrels are usually about 24-28cm in length with the tail being 19-24cm. They can weigh up to 650 grams and live for approximately 5 years.  Grey squirrels often have a red tinge to their fur but the Red squirrel is an unmistakable russet red.

The native Red Squirrel is in danger of becoming extinct in the UK.  This is largely due to the Grey squirrel being larger and more aggressive than the Red and pushing the timid Red out of the area. There are approximately 2.520,000 Grey Squirrels in the UK and only 10-15,000 Red Squirrels.

Grey Squirrels are known to raid bird tables to steal the nuts and bird food and will dig holes in lawns to hide their stash. Squirrels are a predator and also enter birds nests and will take  and eat fledglings and eggs.

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The most effective methods of controlling immediate reduction in numbers of the Grey Squirrel are trapping and shooting. In most circumstances the inquisitive and aggressive Grey Squirrel is first to the bird table for food, this means that a skilled trapper using carefully prepared baited traps can catch  them in large numbers. This is usually over a couple of weeks. Multi live catch traps can catch several squirrels each day, whereas spring traps catch one at a time.

To prevent the expensive damage in your loft space catching Grey Squirrels is achieved by the effective use of strategically placed traps by a professional Squirrel catcher.

Effective shooting involves placing a feed hopper on a tree or placed in a safe position easily found by the Grey Squirrels. After several days of feeding it is then possible to prepare a hide and an experienced marksman can cull  the squirrels as they make use of the feed hopper.

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