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Mink Pest Control

American Mink (Mink) escaped from fure farms in the 1950's and 1960's and now breed in most areas of the country. The Mink is a ferocious predator and will feed on anything that it is able to catch and kill.

Mink are smaller than the Otter and have bown-black fur and a sharp snout. Mink have a white chin and throat.

Mink control is achieved with a trapping program using modern traps which are strategically placed to ensure maximum catch our experienced and skilled technicians.

Mink can be effectively trapped in the mating season (February to March) and when their young leave the den (August to November). Cage and spring traps may be used. though

only approved spring traps and caught animals must be humanely killed.

Traps must be checked at least once a day.


The American Mink's success is largely due to its ability to eat a very wide range of prey which includes birds, mammals and fish,  and to take advantage of any species that is abundant. Mink are very territorial and males occupy an exlusive range of around 1.5 kilometres, females have a smaller territory which is usually adjoining a males territory.


The Mink marks it territory with scat, and also around their den which is a few meters from water.


 Female Mink produce a single litter of 4 to 6 kits per year which are fully grown within a year. 

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