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Humane Mole Control

Once in a while customers ask to have their moles caught and released in a humane manner. When I am asked I explain why I will not do this, here are the reasons. A mole essentially works for hour shifts, though these may vary it means that for every 24hrs a mole has worked for three of their days! A mole needs to eat around two thirds its own body weight to survive. This means that if a mole is caught soon after a live catch trap is employed by the following day the mole has endured 3 days in a small (usually) plastic container without food or fluids. It is by now suffering unbearable stress and malnutrition and may not survive to tell the tale.

Imagine you, or a loved one moving from one room to another seeing it dark in there, as you walk in you become trapped! The panic, confusion and shear terror is beyond words! three days later you are transported while confined in your coffin sized box and released in a strange place where you may face hostility.

If this thought has shocked or distressed you, Then now you can understand why Ace Mole Catching will never inflict this cruelty on a mole no matter how much you are prepared to pay.

Once released this half starved mole will have to fight for its survival, quite literally if it has been released into another moles territory as it will most likely be killed by another mole.

There is also a question about releasing this creature, how would you like your neighbours to release moles on your property? And yet you want to do it to someone else who will then suffer the damage caused, and this most definitely includes those fields.

Finally there is the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which makes it a criminal offence to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal, there are no exclusions for the humble mole

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