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Rabbit Pest Control



The need to control Rabbits is very documented as they are the UK's most invasive species. The damage caused by rabbits exceeds two hundred and sixty million pounds every year.

There are no effective rabbit repellents or deterrents, therefore other rabbit control and extraction methods are needed. Rabbit gassing is an option, though CYMAG is no longer in use and has been replaced with Aluminium Phosphide, this is usually sold under the trade names of Phostoxine or Phostex. Often in tablet form, they are placed in the burrows and the Phosphorous gas is released by a reaction with the moisture in the air. Phosphorous gas is toxic to most animals at low concentrations and causes a painful death.

At Ace Mole Catching we use only effective humane and environmentally friendly methods of rabbit control. Traditional control methods that have been developed

over hundreds of years by country folk, often a warrener or rabbit catcher would catch rabbits for their meat. Others also needed rabbit to supplement their diets avoiding hunger and starvation.

The control service from Ace Mole Catching includes:

  • Rabbit Proof tree guards.

  • Rabbit Proof fencing. This is constructed around specific areas providing above and below ground rabbit free areas.

  • Electric Fencing, often used as a temporary solution.

  • Long Netting with carefully and strategically installed long net can successfully reduce the rabbit population by up to 90% in a single operation. Long Netting can also be used as Lift Nets, Drop Nets, Gate Nets  and Ditch Nets, each operation is planned according to the specific circumstances.

  • We often use long netting during the daytime around bramble and dense impenetrable areas, where access to the warrens is difficult or as a back up to purse nets.  The entire rabbit warren would be encircled to ensure that no rabbits escape.

  • This is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and discreet method, which can be used day and nighttime. The nets are set between the rabbits feeding areas and their warrens to catch them when driven in. And can also be used in conjunction with ferrets, where bolted rabbits are flushed into the nets.        Night use is more suited to locations where covert methods are called for. Once completed the absence of the rabbit population will be stark. All rabbits are swiftly and humanely dispatched in the nets.The drop net system is a very effective tool in the rabbit catcher’s arsenal and is predominately used in areas where the ground cover makes ferreting and trapping extremely difficult. The nets are hoisted on poles between the rabbit’s warrens and the feeding areas, they are left in place for for a number of days until the rabbits are accustomed to them. When the rabbits are ignoring the net our professional rabbit catchers will drop the net blocking the rabbits escape route so that they become entangled in the nets, and humanely dispatched.

20211012_181321 (1)_edited.jpg
  • Cage traps can be utilized when undergrowth or specific circumstances the use of other approaches. The Rabbit catching Traps are then strategically placed and closely monitored, they can be used as an alternative to long nets, this can produce substantial reduction in the rabbit population in a relatively short period of time when installed by a skilled Rabbit Catcher.

  • Purse Nets are often utilized in conjunction with other approaches. Purse nets can also be very effective when used as a stand alone method of control, using ferrets to drive the rabbits from the warrens into the nets. This completely eradicates the rabbits from the warren, and is often more cost effective than gassing.

  • Lamping can be utilized using a high or low powered rifle, powerful torch and in some circumstances  a specialized Night Sight or Thermal Imaging Sight. 

  • Our marksmen are ex Royal Marines who are highly skilled and experienced snipers. Working in pairs from hides, on foot or from a vehicle, a marksman is accompanied by a spotter with night vision equipment, who also collects the  rabbits, ensuring no sign of our visit is left behind.

  • The results are devastating for the rabbits and they often have no idea we are there. The demand for this service is increasing as our clients continue to request this service having experienced its instant results, and the large numbers of rabbits removed in a single operation!

  • We have a range of rifles to suit all situations, from Air Rifles to Moderated high powered Rifles. A full health and safety assessment is carried out prior to any work being carried out, which includes an assessment of safety angles of shot.


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