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Catching moles for more than 39 years. Norfolk's Ace Mole Catcher, has a 100% mole catching record and provides a No Mole No Fee MONEY BACK GAURANTEE Mole Control Service with our unique additional 5 Day Guarantee, When your moles have been cleared, any new moles entering your property within seven days will be cleared at half price, after this period a new mole is a new job.

After serving in the Royal Marines I formed Hannant's Pest Control in 1980 which provided a local Pest Control service, the generic Pest Control Service provided control for Rabbits, Grey Squirrels, Foxes, Moles, Rodents, Wasps, Feral Pigeons, and various insects has evolved into a specialist Pest Control Service. There is an art to catching moles, Rabbits, Grey Squirrels, Rabbits, Rats and Foxes which is enhanced by knowledge and experience.

Since the banning of the use of strychnine which was extremely unpleasant and painful for the mole, as mole repellents are ineffective and the use of Gas is problematic at best The only humane method of mole control that can be  guaranteed is catching them with the use of approved humane traps. While you can buy traps and have a go yourself the humble mole will still be working hard and causing damage to your much loved garden.

I catch moles humanely and effectively in an environmentally friendly fashion and within a few days of taking on the work it is completed. More than 37% are removed on the first time that traps are checked.

Moles may have no knowledge of traps, they are however wild animals that, like any other animal live using their finely tuned instincts. This makes them challenging to catch. A lack of experience in your methods can cause the mole to become very wary and so make it extremely challenging to catch.

I frequently arrive at gardens where a do-it yourself gardener has had a go at the mole as they believe they know how to catch moles. Unfortunately this increases the damage and prolongs the period of occupation by the mole. The mole becomes very wary and trap shy which makes the job much harder.

About us 


Specialist services delivered by Ace Mole Catching.

Mole Catching and the control of Rabbits, Grey Squirrel, Rat, Fox and, Mink control, and Deer management. Contact Vic today for your free

no obligation survey and quotation.


Humane and environmentally friendly Mole catching across Norfolk. 

Local areas include: Acle, Lingwood, Loddon, Wymondham,Wroxham,

North Walsham, Norwich, Aylsham, Dereham, Fakenham


Where ever you have a problem with moles, rabbits, grey squirrels, Mink, Foxes or deer we can catch and remove them! 

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