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Why catch Moles?

With an average of 200 meters of tunnel per mole and the continual digging

for food, the damage a single mole can do has to be seen to be believed.

While some people seem to think that the humble mole is a cute, cuddly creature that causes

no harm, moles are, in fact, a predator that will fight to the death to defend its territory, they are also cannibalistic.

The garden mole causes damage which is a nuisance and mostly aesthetic

, for farmers, however, the damage can be very costly and is therefore serious.

Listeriosis is a bacterial disease which infects sheep, cattle and many other animals including moles.

  The bacteria which is contained in the soil is brought to the surface in molehills and can be a public health danger.

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            Catching moles across Norfolk,               also: Rabbits, Grey Squirrels, Fox, Mink and Deer.

Norwich, Great Ryburgh and Hemsby areas

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